Adrienne Clarisse Fit Experience


Have you had the opportunity to enjoy a personalized bra fitting by a professional? If you are like most women, you can’t even think about “enjoy” and “bra fitting” being in the same sentence. It’s possibly become so frustrating for you that, well, you just put it off. Maybe you’re still wearing your old nursing bras and your baby is 13 (true story by the way); maybe you’ve taken to smashing yourself into ill-fitting sport bras because you think this is your only option or maybe you’re embarrassed; don’t know what to expect and don’t want some random “fitter” groping you.

Whatever your reason is for not taking care of “the girls”, you’re here probably because you’re fed up and maybe even a bit desperate to get the help you need and so deserve. You know that, don’t you? You deserve to wear a great fitting bra. After all, you wear one every day.

The Adrienne Clarisse Fit Experience is ideal for you:
If you appreciate quality, value your time and/or are frustrated finding a bra that fits;
If you are super busy and hate to shop;
If you have lost or gained weight;
If you know and understand the importance of a well fitting foundation;
If you are sophisticated enough not to want to wear the same bras and panties as a teenager does but don’t know where else to go;
If you are embarrassed by what you are wearing underneath your clothes;
If you are a professional, business owner or entrepreneur and need to look and feel confident to do what you do best.
Let’s face it. If you’re here, the “do it yourself” method probably hasn’t worked very well for you. You may have a whole drawer full of bras and very few of them you actually feel great wearing. Don’t feel bad, 85% of women are wearing ill-fitting bras.

This is where I come in.

The Adrienne Clarisse Fit Experience is unlike what you have probably experienced when it comes to bra shopping. Far from unpleasant, my mission is to make an often unpleasant experience uplifting (in more ways than one)! I’ve been helping women for almost 10 years. I’ve seen all shapes and sizes of women. Truly, there are no two bodies alike. However, I’ve learned one thing that most women have in common. Want to know what that is? Almost every single woman I’ve worked with is self-conscious about some part of her body. It’s true, most women look in the mirror and point out their perceived flaws. A lot of times, those flaws are grossly exaggerated. I see each woman as an individual who has her own unique beauty.

All fittings are conducted in privacy. You don’t need to be nude and you certainly don’t need worry about being touched. Some fitters believe they need to reach into your bra and adjust your breasts. This is NOT my method. I teach you how to put on a bra properly and adjust yourself. After all, you’ll need to be able to do this when you’re home getting dressed by yourself. (Unless you have your own lady’s maid like Mary does on Downton Abbey.)

I am warm, friendly, empathetic and compassionate. In addition to high quality foundations, these are the tools I use to help women feel beautiful and confident. When you choose the AC Fit Experience, you are choosing a professional who will be honest about what fits and what doesn’t. With me, you’re not just investing in a bra, you’re investing in professional help. And why not? You deserve it. After all, you do wear a bra every day.

There are a variety of ways to enjoy the Adrienne Clarisse Fit Experience. See which one works best for you.

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You do not need an appointment and there is no fit fee.  You can bring your friends, daughters and/or mothers and enjoy the Adrienne Clarisse fit experience.  Ladies only, please.  Once a month you can drop by the pop-up shop to be fit, re-fit or just shop for some pretty panties, underthings, PJ’s and accessories.  You’ll enjoy the same Adrienne Clarisse Fit Experience and be able to choose from the same high quality foundations.  It’s on a first come, first served basis.  I may be jumping back and forth between the two “fitting rooms” and/or you may have to wait your turn.  Even so, you’ll still be fit in privacy and should you have to wait, there’s a lovely seating area where you can sit back, relax and enjoy a few moments all to yourself.  The monthly pop-up shop is held in Libertyville, Illinois.  You can stop by any time from 4-9 pm.  For details on dates and exact locations, click below.


Have you ever had a bra question or are looking for a specific solution?  Do you wish you had someone you could call before you wasted your valuable time or money?  Now you do!  Enjoy a professional lingerie consultation with me via Skype, phone or in person (in person is only offered at select events).   Get the answers you need to save you time and money without adding more mistakes to your lingerie drawer.

I can give you advice on bra sizing and/or styles or other intimate apparel needs.  Just by asking you a few questions and I’ll know whether you’re wearing the right size bra.  I’m psychic like that. I usually have a few tips and tricks up my sleeve that may save you time, money or traipsing around in circles looking for something that may or may not even exist.  (Outside of the area?  I can refer you to other lingerie professionals who have been personally vetted by me.


Enjoy the one of a kind Adrienne Clarisse Fit Experience.  Private appointments are available in Palatine, Illinois and once a month in Libertyville, Illinois.

You can expect to enjoy your 30-45 minute private appointment without interruption.  Before your appointment, you’ll complete a brief questionnaire so I can learn more about you and your foundation needs.  During your appointment, you will receive 100% of my undivided attention in helping you find the best fitting bra for your body type.  Once we discover the best bras for you, we’ll discuss your current needs and personal recommendations will be made based on your wardrobe and lifestyle.  You’ll learn what to look for in a proper fitting bra for you and whether or not the bras you are currently wearing fit.  You’ll also learn exactly how to care for your investment.  Cost of bras is additional.

*Are you an existing client?  There is no charge for current clients looking to replace bras or be refit.


You’re a busy professional, business owner or entrepreneur.  You understand the importance of foundations and need to look your best.  However, you don’t have a lot of time to waste.  Enjoy the expertise of a lingerie professional (that would be me) in the privacy of your office or place of business.

Enjoy the same Adrienne Clarisse By Appointment service in the privacy of your office or place of business.

$150 0-10 miles.
$200 10-20 miles

Over 20 miles or out of state.  Call for a quote.

Do you work with other women who could benefit from this service, as well?  Up to 2 women can can be fit on the same day, at the same location for an additional $50 per person extra.  Each woman would enjoy her own 30-45 minute private fitting.

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