Thank you!  I feel feminine again!


Palatine, Illinois

“I called Adrienne asking if she could help me find someone who could make a custom corset for my daughter’s wedding dress.  While speaking with Adrienne, she determined the solution I needed wasn’t a custom corset after all.  She referred me to a seamstress that is able to do what we need to have done for a fraction of the cost of a custom corset.  Before speaking with Adrienne, I spoke to another local lingerie boutique who said, “Sure, we do that.  Come on in.”  I’m glad I talked to Adrienne because not only am I saving money with a better solution, I’m saving the time I would have taken to drive to that other shop for nothing.”


Libertyville, Illinois

I cannot tell you how great I feel now that I have my new bras that fit! I have tons of the Fleurt boyshorts in lots of colors!! Can you believe that I was an only nude and black pany/bra woman until I met you and because of you, I feel so great!!! Because of you, I love the colors and feel brighter from the inside. Thank you for being you! Will be visiting you again in a month or two!


Libertyville, Illinois

My new bras have revolutionized my life! Having a bra that properly fits makes an enormous difference. The bras are wonderful and it was completely worth the road trip to see you. I appreciate the time and care you took to make sure I was fit properly. It also means a lot to me that you were concerned about how I felt during the process. You made me feel good inside and out!


Rockford, Illinois

“You make an onerous task pleasant.”


Vernon Hills, Illinois

“Just wanted to follow up with you on how happy I am with my bras.  I wore my first one yesterday.  It was very comfortable and I found it nice to not have to waste time thinking about being uncomfortable in my bra! Lol… Anyway, thank you for your services again, I’m so glad to find something that actually fits me.”



Libertyville, Illinois

As a larger breasted gal, I always had trouble finding a bra that would give me the proper support while being comfortable and look pretty…Well Adrienne answered my prayers!  I found out that I was wearing the totally wrong size bra!  Not only do I now have great looking bras but they fit fabulously and are so comfortable!  And what a difference in my overall appearance!  It is truly amazing what the right size bra can do for you!  From that point on Adrienne Clarisse is the only place I go to for my bras and other lingerie needs!  The personal service Adrienne and her team provide coupled with the high quality selection of bras and undergarments are second to none!  I highly recommend Adrienne Clarisse without reservation!”

Donna G.

Green Oaks, Illinois