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Bra in Trash 225x300 Ahhhhh.....

Time to toss your old worn out bras?

I did what so many women do….. I ignored the state of my foundations. Yep, me. I confess. I’ve done it before but haven’t gone this long wearing worn out ill-fitting bras.

My bras needed to be replaced months ago. I mean it’s been soooo long ago that I didn’t want to tell anyone new that I met what I did for a living. I was afraid they would take one look at me and think “yeah no”.

Here’s what I learned when I finally took the time to replace my old worn out (not even donate able) foundations:

  • It feels so good to have something that fits and is supportive. It physically feels good. Ahhhh…..
  • I feel better about myself. I feel more confident. I look in the mirror and think “gravity be damned, you’re not winning this battle today”.
  • I don’t have to fret when getting dressed in the morning. It’s much easier to wear what I want to wear without having to avoid clothing that doesn’t look that great with a crappy bra underneath.

Lastly, there is something empowering about feeling confident that trickles down into every area of my life and I like it.

Sometime, I’ll tell you about why I waited so long. Maybe you’ll be able to relate to that.

Feeling good is sexy.


pinit fg en rect gray 20 Ahhhhh.....